Musical Ministries ~ Ministerios de Música



 Lisa Cronin director of Music and Liturgy ~ phone 262-473-3143 X114 ~ click here to email

Adult Choir        8tbz46qb38ttt078fpukr2x6avl.jpg

The primary focus of the adult choir is to support the assembly in song. In addition to leading the assembly in song, the choir also learns sacred choral repertoire to add to the sung prayer at liturgies. Everyone high school age or older is invited. You do not need to know how to read music to sing in the Adult Choir. Rehearsals are Wednesday evenings in the lower level of Berry Hall.

Children's Choir      

This is a great opportunity for Children in grades 3-8 to actively participate and role model as they lead the congregation in song at various liturgies throughout the year. All children are welcome. Rehearsals run from mid-September to mid-May.

Cantors       p4z4n59dxeum45ri31soxs5xhtl.gif

The role of the cantor is to lead the sung portion of worship of the congregation. Vocal music leadership is essential.

Adult Handbell Choir       q5gx2fwcprf8s8d77t2a3du8hzl.jpg

The adult handbell choir adds to the musical accompaniment at liturgies. The choir is composed of 7 to 11 ringers. The ability to read music is essential. Rehearsals are Thursdays in the church. This ensemble is by audition.


Instruments are used to accompany and enhance the sung prayer at Mass. Periodically small ensembles (i.e. brass, string, or mixed ensembles) are used to add to the accompaniment as well. Instrumentalists are encouraged to come forward. If you are unsure whether or not the music matches your level or ability, call us and we will help answer your questions.

Percussion Instruments       

The parish owns a variety of percussion instruments. These rhythm instruments are waiting for beat keepers to step forward to play them. You do not need to read music but the ability to keep a steady beat is a must.