St. Patrick Pilgrimage

Join our St. Patrick Parish on a spring virtual pilgrimage!  Journey with us as we visit the birthplace of Jesus in Bethlehem and then take flight with the Holy Family from Nazareth to Egypt.  Returning to the Holy Land, we will visit Ein Karem – considered to be the birthplace of John the Baptist.  Then we head to Jerusalem to tour the Holy City and some of the places that played a role in Jesus’ ministry, His Passion and death.

From Jerusalem, we begin a tour of sites throughout Israel where Jesus taught during His three-year mission with the apostles.  We will also visit a couple of sites that played an important role in earlier Jewish history.  We will leave Israel and explore some of the cities where St. Paul preached during his three missionary journeys and end our pilgrimage in Rome where Paul was crucified.

Our trip will be about 4,000 miles (8,000,000 steps) and it will take all of us working and walking together to complete our pilgrimage.

It does not matter where you walk.  Find a trail, walk your neighborhood, walk at your gym, or come and walk St. Patrick parking lot. Those at Fairhaven, Blackhawk, Mulberry or in your own home - walk from the living room to the kitchen and back.  Those steps count, too! Bike rider or skate boarder, you can count miles. Count your steps with a phone app or your own device. If you do not have a way to count your steps give Barb a call at the office for help, 262-473-3143 X112.  More information, registration, shrines we will visit, and a map with our progress will be on the website -  Click on Pilgrimage to register or add steps.

Each week we ask you to enter your steps online (form below), but you can enter your steps as often as you like. You can call the office to enter your steps, we need your name and number of steps (or miles).  The combined steps will be converted into miles so we all can see our progress on the map below. Please share your journey and walks by submitting pictures to [email protected] to be posted on this page of our website.

Information on each of the shrines on our pilgrimage is shared below.  Please visit each shrine's website and learn more about them and maybe visit someday.

"Goodness" is the Fruit of the Spirit during our Pilgrimage.  The cherry is our symbol for Goodness.  As you walk see if you can spot a yard sign on someone's lawn with a Fruit of the Spirit on it.  Prayer is an important part of a Pilgrimage and praying to the Holy Spirit and asking for all the fruits to be present in your life is a wonderful way to walk our Pilgrimage.  Through this pilgrimage we will grow in our relationship with God through prayer and we will be together as one community without being physically together.    Click here for a copy of the Holy Spirit Fruit Initiative - HSFI.  The last pages of the HSFI booklet have many Holy Spirit prayers.  

Time to walk! 

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Pictures from our Pilgrims